Satellite operator Iridium helped in a difficult expedition
At the end of 2018, National Geographic journalist Mateusz Veligora ventured to conquer the elements and try to become the first person in the world to go alone through the…

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Satellite operators and satellite providers in the fight for the "faithful" customer
NSR (Nothern Sky Research) - a global leader in satellite services market research - wonders if the “faithful” satellite client for the maritime industry is good enough. Fact: Satellite operators…

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VSAT systems for sea and river transport
With an increase in the volume of information flows and an increase in the number of communication interactions in which people participate daily, the means of communication have developed rapidly…

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How to choose an omnidirectional TV antenna on a ship

How to choose and buy a well-known brand antenna for receiving terrestrial television and radio signals in the sea
How to choose an omnidirectional TV antenna on a ship
The high-quality reception of terrestrial analog and digital signals in the open sea in order to provide ship communications, television and other types of communications with the outside world makes the highest demands on the appropriate receiving equipment, in particular marine omnidirectional antennas. The task of equipping movable objects with television equipment is of great importance in connection with Continue reading

Installation and commissioning of VSAT equipment as part of the Gazpromneft Nord-West project.

The customer set the task of installing the VSAT KNS ​​Z12 system on the tanker-bunker vessel type Gazpromneft Nord-West, with tuning and commissioning. The customer selected the VSAT KNS ​​Z12mk2 antenna system itself, as well as the telecom operator, tariff and connection conditions.

installation of vsat system The installation of a small satellite ground station VSAT on a ship is carried out in the following sequence:

coordination with the customer of the installation site;
preparation of the project and its coordination with RMRS on installation;
manufacturing power fasteners;
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Comparison of satellite dishes KNS, KVH, Intellian, Raymarine

Comparison of satellite dishes KNS, KVH, Intellian, Raymarine
KNS SuperTrack K Series Antennas

K-Series antennas provide the opportunity to watch satellite TV in high quality right on board your ship. KRO Series TVRO antennas are DVB-S2 compatible, and DiSEqc 1.2 provides automatic switching between 4 satellites. All K-Series devices are affordable, based on the same technology as the Z-Series devices, and provide exceptional tracking capabilities.


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Swivel Antenna
Probably many people know that television satellites are in a geostationary orbit, which is a circular orbit located above the Earth's equator (0 latitude), on which, an artificial satellite rotates…


What is a BUC?
The basic architecture of a conventional satellite terminal is based on the historical desire to make the most open and free construction. Over the years, this concept has developed global…


The first batch of Iridium Next satellites is ready to launch
The first batch of Iridium Next satellites, the total number of which is 81, will soon leave the design base to go into space on SpaceX Falcon 9 missiles in…


Inmarsat Presents Maritime Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) Study
Humanity consumes more and more. Now we are more than ever, we are accustomed to new technologies and constant access to the information that they bring into our lives. This…