Thuraya satellite internet is very profitable today
The satellite operator Thuraya offers flexible satellite tariffs and advanced equipment, including satellite terminals and telephones, which are very attractive against other market offers. In fact, the price policy of…

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Iridium GO! connects schools to paint
John Dyer is the founder of Last Chance to Paint and an artist at the residence of the world's largest rainforest, The Eden Project, in the UK. John also works…

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Inmarsat on VSAT Growth Parameters by 2024
A study of captains, engineers, and crew members of superyachts predicts a significant increase in the VSAT segment - small-aperture satellite terminals - as digitalization in the ship communications industry…

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extremely compact

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Overview of BGAN Satellite Terminals

The article considers all modern models of satellite terminals BGAN from Thrane & Thrane and Hughes.
Time does not stand still, the modern world is changing every second, what yesterday was a breakthrough in science, today is no longer perceived as something amazing. The development of the satellite industry was no exception. In a short time, the direction stepped forward, became more interactive and user-oriented.

Satellite terminals BGAN
Today, the global broadband network in the Inmarsat BGAN system is the first service in the world that simultaneously provides Internet access and the ability to use telephony using a portable terminal. The BGAN service operates on three fourth-generation geostationary satellites Inmarsat I-4. Using these satellites, in direct line of sight, almost the entire planet, with the exception of the polar regions, can be covered by a guaranteed Internet connection.

Despite the small size of the equipment, BGAN satellite terminals have a powerful antenna that allows you Continue reading

Television at sea

Traditionally, broadcasting video via satellite was considered prohibitively expensive and simply clogging communication lines.
tv-on-yacht.jpg Therefore, before the company abandoned the idea of ​​creating television. However, now Inmarsat and KVH have introduced entertainment systems for ships. And finally, sailors can watch the latest movie news on ships.
In the summer of 2014, two new satellite products came out, which completely changed the picture of how people can have fun on the ship. The first appeared IP-MobileCast service from KVH (since May of this year). Soon after, Flem Media service from Inmarsat appeared. It has not yet entered the market, but will appear as soon as beta testing passes. Continue reading

Types of Satellite Antennas

Satellite antennas are made as solid / all-stamped, mesh and precast / sectional. The solid ones are made of a whole metal sheet and have a shape without technical holes and joints. Their signal reception quality is better than the others, and the design is less prone to kinks and defects during operation.

Mesh antennas are assembled from strips, forming a receiving grid. Their advantage is less windage, so mesh satellite dishes are preferred in areas with increased wind load.

Prefabricated antennas are made of petals and can be compactly packed for transportation and long-term storage. They, like sectional ones, are convenient for regular transfer, as they are easy to fold and allow you to quickly deploy the system. Cons of the design – in the weak joints of the petals, which are easily broken and require regular professional maintenance.

Mesh satellite dishes have slightly worse signal quality than all-metal antennas, but not due to technical holes. Since for the correct reflection of the beam the shape of the mirror must be strictly parabolic, it is Continue reading

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Overview of BGAN Satellite Terminals
The article considers all modern models of satellite terminals BGAN from Thrane & Thrane and Hughes. Time does not stand still, the modern world is changing every second, what yesterday…


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