Iridium GMDSS received the first satellite terminal
Satellite operator Iridium (Iridium Communications Inc.) and its partner, Lars Thrane, on 04/06/2019 introduced a satellite terminal designed to operate in the Global Maritime Distress Communication System (GMDSS), Lars Thrane…

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What the orbit lives for: SES talked about the role of the satellite in modern television
Many of those who read these lines, probably, can recall those already quite distant times when the first satellite dishes began to appear on balconies and roofs of houses in…

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A satellite dish is the choice of those who wish to enjoy watching various thematic channels in excellent picture and sound quality. The prospects that satellite TV systems open are…

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Distress Communication

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Installation and commissioning of VSAT equipment as part of the Gazpromneft Nord-West project.

The customer set the task of installing the VSAT KNS ​​Z12 system on the tanker-bunker vessel type Gazpromneft Nord-West, with tuning and commissioning. The customer selected the VSAT KNS ​​Z12mk2 antenna system itself, as well as the telecom operator, tariff and connection conditions.

installation of vsat system The installation of a small satellite ground station VSAT on a ship is carried out in the following sequence:

coordination with the customer of the installation site;
preparation of the project and its coordination with RMRS on installation;
manufacturing power fasteners;
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FleetBroadband – New Inmarsat Link

Over the past 15 years, means of satellite Internet access have been rapidly developing on the high seas, beyond the reach of coastal communication networks.
For yachts and small vessels, dial-up became the first available – connection via satellite phones Globalstar, Inmarsat Mini-M, Iridium, Thuraya.

The cost of communication was high, the speed was measured not in megabytes, but in kilobits per second. Later VSAT compact (with a diameter of half a meter) antennas appeared, working with various Ku-band satellites; channel capacity reached 1 Mb / s, with the ability to transfer large volumes. Apart from a slight signal delay due to the large distance from the terminal to the satellite, Internet browsing Continue reading

Competition in the VSAT market leads to the development of marine satellite communications

The article considers the current state of affairs in the maritime satellite communications market and forecasts Euroconsult specialists for the next 10 years.
Increasing consumer demand, a new generation of satellite technology and increasing competition among operators may result in VSAT services occupying about 70% of the maritime satellite communications market in less than 10 years, experts at Euroconsult say. Continue reading

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Satellite operators and satellite providers in the fight for the "faithful" customer
NSR (Nothern Sky Research) - a global leader in satellite services market research - wonders if the “faithful” satellite client for the maritime industry is good enough. Fact: Satellite operators…


KVH introduced new photon gyroscopes
KVH's new photonic gyroscopes integrated into high-precision inertial measurement units (IMUs) are designed for the growing driverless autonomous vehicle market and offer significant performance and cost advantages. KVH KVH Industries,…


Only the new Dreambox can be the best DreamBox!
Dream-Multimedia company again delighted fans of sat tv, releasing a new product - the Dreambox dm 7020 s model. At first glance, the receiver remained the same as its previous…


Inmarsat on VSAT Growth Parameters by 2024
A study of captains, engineers, and crew members of superyachts predicts a significant increase in the VSAT segment - small-aperture satellite terminals - as digitalization in the ship communications industry…