Iridium Certus Launches Worldwide
The world's first global broadband service. Mobile offices, autonomous vehicles and ships can now use this state-of-the-art communications platform. Satellite operator Iridium announced on January 16, 2019 the commercial launch…

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Competition in the VSAT market leads to the development of marine satellite communications
The article considers the current state of affairs in the maritime satellite communications market and forecasts Euroconsult specialists for the next 10 years. Increasing consumer demand, a new generation of…

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Inmarsat strengthens leadership in the Arctic region
Satellite operator Inmarsat, positioning itself as the sole leader in the field of seamless global satellite communications, but experiencing constant and serious competition from such market players as Iridium and…

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KVH TracPhone in questions and answers of key employees

Great ideas often require implementation time and time for people to realize their value. This is especially true in the ever-changing world of technology, where all ideas are tested and challenged before they take their final form. To understand how this works, and what wonderful products can be created in the process of developing an idea, KVH, a company engaged in the development and production of satellite equipment, decided to talk in detail with the chief radio engineer Bosui Liu and vice president of research and development Tom Monte, who received A patent for his work on KVH TracPhone technology implemented in the KVH TracPhone V11-IP VSAT Ku / C satellite dish.

KVH: You just received a US patent for the work you did on the KVH TracPhone V11-IP technology. This product has been on the market for several years. So, what can you say why it is still important?

KVH TracPhone V11-IP_interview
Bosui Liu (BL): Although the original product was launched a few years ago, we still have not seen a single competitor who could come up with an equally compact and high-performance solution that ensures operation in the Ku- and C-bands in one dome without the need component replacement. Our VSAT Antenna KVH TracPhone V11-IP is still KVH’s unique offering in this market. It allows customers to get high-speed Internet access when they are in the coverage area of ​​the Ku-band satellite, and to keep in touch anywhere in the world with C-band satellite coverage.

Tom Monte (TM): This is important because the Ku band is more sensitive to atmospheric conditions, signal attenuation due to precipitation can be up to ten decibels. The attenuation in the C-band due to negative effects in the rain is only 0.4 – 1 dB, therefore, in the coverage area of ​​the Ku-band satellite, C-band services will be available in case of a strong attenuation of the Ku-band signal.

TM: That’s why this design is so effective.

KVH: What does patented technology provide?

BL: The patented design is a Ku / C VSAT antenna array and performs several tasks. For example, the grille can provide VSAT in the C- or Ku-band with automatic electronic switching. It has matching radiation patterns for Ku- and C-band so that both applications can use the same main reflector, and the Ku-band signal path allows adjustments to be made for more efficient operation.

KVH: What made you realize that you have something worth patenting?

BL: We always knew that we were inventing something new, and there was no Ku / C dual-mode antenna on the market, although the demand for such concepts has long appeared. But if everything was so simple, our competitors would have been offering such a product for a long time. The fact that we were the first to put it into production means that we really invented something unique.

KVH: What problem does your invention solve?

VSAT antenna KVH TracPhone V11-IPBL: Specialty VSAT Ku- or C-band antennas already exist on the market, there are also hybrid antennas, the components of which can be interchanged, changing their characteristics, that is, they can work either in the C-band or in Ku-. Such solutions are quite expensive, burdensome and need constant technical support even for simple switching between the ranges of work. But so far there has been no solution that ensures the operation of one VSAT antenna in the Ku and C bands without the need to replace any components.

TM: As we have already mentioned, the antenna array invented by us ensures that the VSAT antenna operates in the Ku- and C-bands with automatic switching when the ship moves from the Ku- to the C-band coverage area and vice versa. Clients get access to the Internet via the same modem, without even noticing that the vessel has moved to a different coverage area. In the past, this transition required the personal switching of the data service between two different antennas and modems, or even the replacement of radio frequency components in the case of a hybrid antenna.

KVH: How does this help you get broadband … what does this invention mean for KVH and for users?

BL: This patented technology enables KVH to offer the TracPhone V11-IP’s unique dual-mode Ku / C combo VSAT antenna that delivers true global coverage. It complements our VSAT product line as the flagship offer of the highest technology level. In short, this antenna allows our customers to always use broadband anywhere in the world!

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