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The presence of a satellite dish has long turned from a luxury item into a necessity. Television is the main form of evening entertainment for many families, and satellite television can significantly expand the program of available television channels. Everyone can easily choose a television show, film or other program for their taste and mood.

In order to have such an opportunity, you need quite a bit – to install and configure a satellite dish. And at this stage, each user faces a choice – entrust the entire installation process to specialists or install and connect the antenna yourself.

If you have at least a minimum of knowledge in this area, then you can cope with the installation yourself. Connecting a satellite dish is not a complicated process, but it requires certain basic knowledge.

First install satellite dish

satellite dish

Out, it is necessary to understand that a satellite broadcasting system is a complex of special equipment that receives signals from channels that broadcast through special communication satellites. In its simplest form, this system is such a complex:

– satellite dish (the same “dish”);

– converter;
– satellite receiver (better known as a tuner).
Such a system will allow you to easily receive a signal from any satellite.

So, the decision was made to independently install a satellite dish. What are your actions? Like the connection of equipment for any other purpose, this process requires attention and caution.

First of all, you need to remember that a satellite dish is always installed in a southerly direction, you need to choose a place so that it is optimally convenient to direct it to the satellite. As a rule, antennas are installed on balconies, on windows or on the roof. In this case, it is necessary to take into account some nuances that are very well reflected in the next photo.

As for the choice of converter, modern antennas allow you to connect simultaneously to two or even three satellites. For each satellite, one converter is needed, respectively, two or three converters will be needed. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the receiver can simultaneously process the signal from one satellite, therefore, when connecting more than one satellite, it becomes necessary to install the DiSEqС switch. This device allows you to simultaneously connect up to 4 converters and automatically switches depending on which satellite is currently looking.

And one more thing, when choosing a place to install a satellite dish, you need to remember that there should not be any interference on the “path” of the signal (trees, tall buildings, glazed fences, etc.).

So, the connection algorithm.

The first step is to install the wall mount. It is installed on a vertical surface, strictly adhering to a level of 90 degrees. The mount should be installed evenly, without “distortions” to the right or left. The fastening must be thoroughly and reliably fixed, preferably with anchor bolts. All provided holes must be secured. To do this, first drill holes in the wall, and then attach the structure:

In the case when the installation is provided on the roof of the house, it is necessary to find a reliable pin to which the antenna will be mounted, but if there is none, it does not matter, the structure can be built on its own.

how to connect a satellite dish

The second step is to assemble the antenna itself. It is not difficult, but it is important to be extremely careful so as not to damage the mirror. Do not tighten the screws that secure the mirror to the antenna structure, as this can lead to its deformation.

The third step is to install the converter on the antenna. This is an important stage, since the signal quality will depend on the correct installation of this part in the future. To find the optimal position can be a simple method of experimentation. Just rotate it around its axis until you reach the position when the signal is maximum. It is in this position that the converter is fixed.

The process of assembling the antenna and installing the converter can be done at home, and then mount the assembled antenna onto an already installed bracket.

The fourth step is to install the assembled antenna onto the bracket. This process, as a rule, is carried out at altitude, so it will not be superfluous to protect yourself and the antenna from falling, which can occur as a result of awkward movement or a usual gust of wind.

It is also recommended to connect the cable to the converter in advance and insulate the connection point, since in suspended state it is much less convenient to do this, and it is not always possible.

After the antenna is securely fixed in place, you can proceed to the next step – installing the cable, as well as setting up the antenna and pointing it at the satellite.

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