What is LNB?
The acronym LNB stands for Low Noise Block. This device is installed in front of a satellite dish, which receives a very low signal and amplifies it, changes the signal…

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DisplayPort 2.0 - standard with support for 8K and 16K displays
Video Electronics Standardization Association (VESA) announced the release of DisplayPort 2.0 audio / video standard. DisplayPort 2.0 (DP 2.0) is the first global update to the standard since March 2016.…

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The main trends in the development of marine satellite dishes
The increase in the volume of data transmitted from ships to shore means for shipowners and managers the need to upgrade satellite communication antennas to more powerful ones. Today, VSAT…

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Satellite tracker – an affordable means of security and control of moving objects

Global communications and monitoring with a satellite tracker – affordable satellite phone replacement
At a time when mobile phones had not yet become a mass product, pagers served as their more affordable alternative. And although with the help of a pager it was impossible to just talk, they coped with the task of transmitting important information perfectly. Today, mobile phones have completely replaced pagers both from markets and from our lives, however, if we take on global tasks, the paging principle itself remains very relevant, especially when it comes to travel that affects regions of our planet that are not covered by cellular networks. There will always be plenty of such places, because cellular networks appear only where a large number of users are able to recoup the created infrastructure, which means that in those places where real travelers seek, and where, by definition, there can not be many people, mobile will never appear communications, and, quite naturally, in all such cases it remains to rely only on satellite.

Without a satellite tracker as without hands
Currently, a satellite phone is still unavailable to a wide range of customers and to a greater extent remains a professional means of communication when labor productivity significantly exceeds the cost of satellite Continue reading

Operation of satellite television antennas when converting from MPEG2 to MPEG4

Changes of this kind are inevitable and are dictated by the very spirit of the times. First of all, they are necessary to save a satellite resource, because in connection with the increasing number of HD channels, the frequency band used during their broadcasting is expanding, which means that the cost of renting a resource also increases. The transition to the MPEG4 format allows for more “compact” encoding of video streams, narrowing the band occupied by them. In combination with the DVB-S2 broadcasting standard, which increases the speed of information transfer, this transition provides significant savings Continue reading

Satellite operators and satellite providers in the fight for the “faithful” customer

NSR (Nothern Sky Research) – a global leader in satellite services market research – wonders if the “faithful” satellite client for the maritime industry is good enough.

Fact: Satellite operators are looking for any profitability opportunities within value chains.

One of the ways to increase the profitability of satellite services is to create a customer base with a high percentage of so-called “faithful” customers, which significantly reduces the operator’s costs for their constant switching. In markets such as DTH (Direct To the Home, home satellite TV), entire geographic areas of “loyal” customers can be held by a single video signal and the high cost of rebuilding household antennas. In the mobile services sector, the capacity of such an “ecosystem” is formed by a satellite operator so that users move within its own satellite fleet. A classic example of creating an “ecosystem” for Continue reading

Satellite Internet with VSAT for remote work and travel

Equipment VSAT Internet and telephony allows you to get the usual communication service through a small diameter satellite dish. Just as some time ago mobile communications seemed to be something special, not intended for the mass consumer, VSAT satellite communications went the same way, providing satellite broadband Internet access and satellite telephony services to an increasing number of users. The development of VSAT technologies and their gradual penetration into the mass segment becomes possible due to lower prices for VSAT equipment and flexible pricing in the tariff line.

VSAT mobile satellite system
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Thuraya Telecoms and WiCis Sports support climbers

Dubai United Arab Emirates, March 30, 2016. Leading mobile satellite operator Thuraya and WiCis Sport have joined forces to support expeditions to the Himalayas. Starting on March 19, a six-month project starts, involving climbers going from Jomsom (Nepal) to Lo Manthang, a high-altitude trek with a subsequent exit to K2 in June.

Thuraya transferred the Thuraya IP +, SatSleeve + and Satsleeve Hotspot satellite terminals to Madison Mountaineering to keep in touch during the expedition. Madison Mountaineering is a mountain guide boutique located in Seattle, Washington. The company specializes in services for climbing expeditions to Continue reading

Satellite Internet Inmarsat BGAN
What is Inmarsat BGAN? A similar question can be asked by a user who comes close to the need to have an Internet connection almost anywhere in the world, regardless…


Types of Satellite Antennas
Satellite antennas are made as solid / all-stamped, mesh and precast / sectional. The solid ones are made of a whole metal sheet and have a shape without technical holes…


The first batch of Iridium Next satellites is ready to launch
The first batch of Iridium Next satellites, the total number of which is 81, will soon leave the design base to go into space on SpaceX Falcon 9 missiles in…


Competition in the VSAT market leads to the development of marine satellite communications
The article considers the current state of affairs in the maritime satellite communications market and forecasts Euroconsult specialists for the next 10 years. Increasing consumer demand, a new generation of…