What is a BUC?
The basic architecture of a conventional satellite terminal is based on the historical desire to make the most open and free construction. Over the years, this concept has developed global…

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What is LNB?
The acronym LNB stands for Low Noise Block. This device is installed in front of a satellite dish, which receives a very low signal and amplifies it, changes the signal…

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Swivel Antenna
Probably many people know that television satellites are in a geostationary orbit, which is a circular orbit located above the Earth's equator (0 latitude), on which, an artificial satellite rotates…

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Iridium GO! connects schools to paint

John Dyer is the founder of Last Chance to Paint and an artist at the residence of the world’s largest rainforest, The Eden Project, in the UK. John also works with The Born Free Foundation.

In 1989, the late Douglas Adams traveled with zoologist Mark Carwardine to observe endangered animals in the hope of attracting more attention to this issue and increasing overall awareness of environmental issues. Douglas Adams has published the book Last Chance to See and a documentary on the BBC that allows viewers to join in their journey.

In turn, over the past 20 years, John Dyer has painted in many wonderful and endangered places, using Continue reading

Iridium GMDSS received the first satellite terminal

Satellite operator Iridium (Iridium Communications Inc.) and its partner, Lars Thrane, on 04/06/2019 introduced a satellite terminal designed to operate in the Global Maritime Distress Communication System (GMDSS), Lars Thrane (LT) 3100S, which meets the requirements for shipments, the entry into force of which is scheduled for January 2020. This is the first satellite terminal designed to provide a truly global GMDSS service and the first, after the decision by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to recognize Iridium as the second satellite operator in the history – the provider of these critical services. The terminal offers an excellent alternative to a decades-old version and was presented at the Continue reading


The presence of a satellite dish has long turned from a luxury item into a necessity. Television is the main form of evening entertainment for many families, and satellite television can significantly expand the program of available television channels. Everyone can easily choose a television show, film or other program for their taste and mood.

In order to have such an opportunity, you need quite a bit – to install and configure a satellite dish. And at this stage, each user faces a choice – entrust the entire installation process to specialists or install and connect the antenna yourself.

If you have at least a minimum of knowledge in this area, then you can cope with the installation yourself. Connecting a satellite dish is not a complicated process, but it requires certain basic knowledge. Continue reading


A satellite dish is the choice of those who wish to enjoy watching various thematic channels in excellent picture and sound quality. The prospects that satellite TV systems open are wide, consumers are offered channels with a wide variety of topics: news, sports, film, science, humor and many others. Almost all modern satellite television has a progressive digital broadcast format, which provides it with excellent image quality and a wide selection of a wide variety of channels for viewing (analogue television can currently be considered obsolete). Thanks to this, satellite dishes are popular both in big cities and in small villages. By the way, in many small towns, due to problems with receiving television signals, installing dishes is perhaps the only way to enjoy watching TV in good quality. As part of this material, Service Navigator will try to tell you what satellite TV is, what equipment is needed to watch channels, and also will reveal some aspects of using this type of service. Continue reading

Thuraya satellite internet is very profitable today

The satellite operator Thuraya offers flexible satellite tariffs and advanced equipment, including satellite terminals and telephones, which are very attractive against other market offers. In fact, the price policy of Thuraya determines the success of the company, since its engineers manage to create satellite equipment, which with each new device is slightly ahead of the competition (a vivid example is the Thuraya XT-PRO Dual satellite phone with two SIM cards), but it will cost a little cheaper. Perhaps in the future the situation will change, but now it can be considered ideal to start using Thuraya satellite terminals, getting satellite Internet at the most attractive price.

Satellite terminals BGAN Continue reading

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Iridium shows significant growth potential despite modest reporting
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