How to choose an omnidirectional TV antenna on a ship
How to choose and buy a well-known brand antenna for receiving terrestrial television and radio signals in the sea How to choose an omnidirectional TV antenna on a ship The…

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The main trends in the development of marine satellite dishes
The increase in the volume of data transmitted from ships to shore means for shipowners and managers the need to upgrade satellite communication antennas to more powerful ones. Today, VSAT…

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Radio and television broadcast satellites: TOP 10 questions
The publicly available website provides information on satellites broadcasting over open communication channels. Broadcasting and television broadcasting satellites. This site contains enough information about each satellite to get answers…

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New Broadband Mini VSAT

Launched seven years ago, the mini-VSAT broadband network was the first to leverage the capabilities of spread spectrum technology to provide global multi-megabit services to ships at sea with small, powerful antennas.

Providing the opportunity to take full advantage of the VSAT service – namely, speed and economy – by installing only compact and affordable on-board antenna systems, has become a truly winning strategy for mini-VSAT. Therefore, it is not surprising that mini-VSAT Broadband has become a best-seller among marine VSAT services.

Encouraged by this success, KVH has created the next generation of mini-VSAT Broadband Network. Using ACSM technology (adaptive coding, expansion, and modulation), network bandwidth has tripled over the past year. More efficient transmission technology, enhanced satellite throughput and automatic updates for the entire installed base of antenna systems – all these have become the basic principles of a network that Continue reading

Satellite TV antennas for Russia

In the modern world, it is not surprising that there is satellite HD TV at home, and the selection of antennas is not so intricate: you need to go to the electronics hypermarket, where a ready-made set of equipment with a service package is on the counter.
But what to do if you become the happy owner of a beautiful yacht or a small boat who wants to watch your favorite TV shows away from problems and hassles?

In this article, we will raise the most important questions on the selection of a satellite television antenna, consider the most popular models, and give a general overview of the system configuration.

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Overview of BGAN Satellite Terminals

The article considers all modern models of satellite terminals BGAN from Thrane & Thrane and Hughes.
Time does not stand still, the modern world is changing every second, what yesterday was a breakthrough in science, today is no longer perceived as something amazing. The development of the satellite industry was no exception. In a short time, the direction stepped forward, became more interactive and user-oriented.

Satellite terminals BGAN
Today, the global broadband network in the Inmarsat BGAN system is the first service in the world that simultaneously provides Internet access and the ability to use telephony using a portable terminal. The BGAN service operates on three fourth-generation geostationary satellites Inmarsat I-4. Using these satellites, in direct line of sight, almost the entire planet, with the exception of the polar regions, can be covered by a guaranteed Internet connection.

Despite the small size of the equipment, BGAN satellite terminals have a powerful antenna that allows you Continue reading

What is an active antenna and passive antenna?
Thanks to the dynamic development of television broadcasting in the modern world, there is probably no person who does not encounter antennas. In order to watch their favorite TV shows…


FleetBroadband - New Inmarsat Link
Over the past 15 years, means of satellite Internet access have been rapidly developing on the high seas, beyond the reach of coastal communication networks. For yachts and small vessels,…


Iridium Certus Launches Worldwide
The world's first global broadband service. Mobile offices, autonomous vehicles and ships can now use this state-of-the-art communications platform. Satellite operator Iridium announced on January 16, 2019 the commercial launch…


Satellite Internet with VSAT for remote work and travel
Equipment VSAT Internet and telephony allows you to get the usual communication service through a small diameter satellite dish. Just as some time ago mobile communications seemed to be something…