Overview of BGAN Satellite Terminals
The article considers all modern models of satellite terminals BGAN from Thrane & Thrane and Hughes. Time does not stand still, the modern world is changing every second, what yesterday…

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Competition in the VSAT market leads to the development of marine satellite communications
The article considers the current state of affairs in the maritime satellite communications market and forecasts Euroconsult specialists for the next 10 years. Increasing consumer demand, a new generation of…

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Types of Satellite Antennas
Satellite antennas are made as solid / all-stamped, mesh and precast / sectional. The solid ones are made of a whole metal sheet and have a shape without technical holes…

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Famous Brand Satellite Television Equipment

Satellite TV is a high-tech service that offers the user a huge selection of television channels for every taste anywhere in the world. Satellite dishes mounted on the walls and roofs of houses have long been accompanying our lives, allowing you to watch satellite television at home. A dish connected to the receiver is installed stationary, is oriented to the satellite and works in one position for the entire service life.

satellite tv ship
Another thing is satellite TV equipment for mobile objects, for example, cars, buses, trains or ships. On a moving object, which is any vehicle, installing a satellite dish is useless, because without an accurate orientation to the satellite, the entire system is unsuitable for use and will be like a stopped clock showing the correct time only twice a day. Continue reading

How to choose an omnidirectional TV antenna on a ship

How to choose and buy a well-known brand antenna for receiving terrestrial television and radio signals in the sea
How to choose an omnidirectional TV antenna on a ship
The high-quality reception of terrestrial analog and digital signals in the open sea in order to provide ship communications, television and other types of communications with the outside world makes the highest demands on the appropriate receiving equipment, in particular marine omnidirectional antennas. The task of equipping movable objects with television equipment is of great importance in connection with Continue reading

Satellite tracker – an affordable means of security and control of moving objects

Global communications and monitoring with a satellite tracker – affordable satellite phone replacement
At a time when mobile phones had not yet become a mass product, pagers served as their more affordable alternative. And although with the help of a pager it was impossible to just talk, they coped with the task of transmitting important information perfectly. Today, mobile phones have completely replaced pagers both from markets and from our lives, however, if we take on global tasks, the paging principle itself remains very relevant, especially when it comes to travel that affects regions of our planet that are not covered by cellular networks. There will always be plenty of such places, because cellular networks appear only where a large number of users are able to recoup the created infrastructure, which means that in those places where real travelers seek, and where, by definition, there can not be many people, mobile will never appear communications, and, quite naturally, in all such cases it remains to rely only on satellite.

Without a satellite tracker as without hands
Currently, a satellite phone is still unavailable to a wide range of customers and to a greater extent remains a professional means of communication when labor productivity significantly exceeds the cost of satellite Continue reading

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Installation and commissioning of VSAT equipment as part of the Gazpromneft Nord-West project.
The customer set the task of installing the VSAT KNS ​​Z12 system on the tanker-bunker vessel type Gazpromneft Nord-West, with tuning and commissioning. The customer selected the VSAT KNS ​​Z12mk2…


Iridium and Thuraya - MSUA Innovation Leaders
Iridium (Iridium Communication Inc.) announced on May 7, 2019 that Iridium Certus was awarded the “Best Communication Platform” at the annual MSUA (Mobile Satellite Users Association) event in the satellite…


Inmarsat on VSAT Growth Parameters by 2024
A study of captains, engineers, and crew members of superyachts predicts a significant increase in the VSAT segment - small-aperture satellite terminals - as digitalization in the ship communications industry…


Swivel Antenna
Probably many people know that television satellites are in a geostationary orbit, which is a circular orbit located above the Earth's equator (0 latitude), on which, an artificial satellite rotates…