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Q. What is the current promotion?

A:  Currently if you are a ATT customer with mobile or home internet or phone, you can sign up for DirecTV and bundle the two together.  Your DTV bill we be locked in for two years, and a discount from ATT too.  Your bill for both will come through ATT.  Based on your creidt score, you can get fours TVs with DVR and not pay the per box fee or DVR  fees for two years.

Q: I am a previous DirecTV customer.  Can I get the newest promotion?

A: Usually you must not have had DTV for two years to re-qualify

Q: I am a previous DishNetwork Customer.  Can I get the newest promotion?

A;  You must have left Dish on good terms, paid your final bill, returned equipment, and have been gone six months or longer.

Q:  Can your company upgrade my DishNetwork equipment?

A:  We are authorized by Dish to upgrade your equipment.  We submit to their website your information, and dish will instruct us on the upgrade cost if any.  You must agree to two additional years with DishNetwork.

Q:  How much is the installation for either DishNetwork or DirecTV?

A:  There is usually no installation cost for Dish or DirecTV, unless you are getting upgraded equipment such as wireless boxes, more satellite boxes than allowed in the promotion, or custom work like fishing cables, or pole mounts.

Q:  Can you pre-wire our new home we are building?

A:  There is a fee to do this, but if you get service from us when the home is completed, we will discount a portion of the original charges for materials and labor.  We can usually pre-wire your home less expensively than the electricians. .

Q:  What are the qualifications for Dish or DirecTV?

A:  Either company you must have a major credit card, or debit card,  SS #, D.O.B. and pass their credit qualifications.  They do not share your credit information with us.  We are only told if you qualified based on their credit criteria.  Please do not attempt to call us if you have already been turned down.  You will be turned down again.  Just the way it is.

Q:  I want my dish on a pole.  Is there any charge for this?

A:  We usually charge $50 for a pole mount plus the cost to bury the cable.

Q:  Will a roof install damage my roof?

A:  We install a pad under the satellite mount so it is not likely you will ever have a leak.

Q:  IS High Definition extra?

A:  Dish and DTV advertise free HD, but you must agree to credit card auto-pay and paperless billing in most cases.

Q:  IS there a DVR fee?

A:  Dish and DirecTV get a DVR fee.  Sometimes it is included in another name but you are paying for it in one form or another.

Q:  Is there a monthly box fee?

A:  Dish does not charge for the first box, and DirecTV charges a monthly fee for all boxes including the first one.  Can be $6-$12 per month.

Q:  Can I buy my own box and save the monthly box fees?

A:  You are welcome to purchase equipment, but you will still pay the same monthly fee.  They call this a fee to send the signal to the box, so you will not save anything purchasing your own equipment, except if you want to turn off a box or two in the winter, you will save the monthly fees.  If you do not own the box, and you turn it off, DTV or Dish will want the box back.  If the equipment is leased, at least they will replace your equipment if defective usually for shipping charges.

Q:  Why do I have to have a major credit card?

A:  Dish and DirecTV put a small pending charge on your card to verify it is valid.  The card serves as security for the hundreds of dollars of equipment you will have installed.

Q:  Can I take my equipment with me on my RV?

A:  You can purchase a separate dish and take your equipment.  If you leave the St. Louis are, your local channels will not come in.  Dish has a dish-system called a “Tail Gaiter” which will tune the satellite in automatically..

Q:  Can I get internet with Dish or DirecTV?

A:  Dish has Dishnet, and DirecTV has Directway/hughesnet, but either of these are a last resort for getting internet, and for those without any other means of connecting to the internet.  The monthly fees run $60-$100 per month, and you are limited to the amount of downloading per month.


Greg and Riley

Greg and Riley